How To: Configure Visual Studio 2010 to Connect to Team Foundation Server 2013

  1. Open Visual Studio 2010, click on the Team menu and then click on the Connect to Team Foundation Server... option.

  2. From the Connect to Team Project window that opens, click the Servers... button.

  3. In the Add Team Foundation Server window, you'll want to enter the server URL for your account. If you're not sure what the server URL is, access the Account Information page. When you're ready to proceed, click the OK button.

  4. You should be prompted for credentials. Enter your user name, your password and then click on the OK button. Note: If your workstation is joined to a Windows domain already, we highly recommend using a leading backslash character for the user name.

  5. Click the Close button when you're at the Add/Remove Team Foundation Server window.

  6. At the Connect to Team Project window, select the available Team Projects you have access to and then click the Connect button.